Sport Fence

Sport fence

From baseball to volleyball, “Safety First” is our motto. The Safety Athletic fence shown above exemplifies this principle. With posts spaced further apart than normal chain link fence and elimination of the top rail, the fence contains less than half the usual solid iron for athletes to run into. The strength of the fence is maintained by vastly increasing the stability of end and corner post assemblies.
Furthermore, the fence is flexible. It yields upon impact and returns to its original position like the ropes in a boxing ring. Smooth, aluminum-coated wire prevents injuries.



These fences are usually constructed according to city park code. They are built with the safety of players and spectators in mind.
Modern regulations stipulate that the home plate be at least 25' from the backstop, so a taller fence typically is used to provide that protection. Another option is to employ the use of fabric net overhangs as is shown in the photo below.
Some backstops will have planks at the bottom of the center section to keep the wire from bulging when balls hit the fence.


Tennis Enclosure

Tennis balls can stick in or go through normal 2" mesh chain link. To eliminate this problem, tennis chain link has smaller openings. If you also want to screen your tennis court, we will reinforce the posts to withstand the enormous wind load that is placed on the fence.

Golf Screen

Soaring approximately 30' high to protect the neighborhood from flying golf balls, this screen is made of nylon fabric attached to 36' posts driven 6' in the ground. A steel cable stretches from one end of the fence to the other, and is secured with anchors.
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