1. Residential Gates

For a home, gates are not only functional, they make a statement: Please come in!
We can design a beautiful gate for you. The secret to problem-free gates is the structure. Apart from its appearance, a gate needs good posts, footings, bracing, hinges and latches.
After the under-pinnings are accounted for, we can apply the fence material – pickets, boards or fabric.


3. Pipe frame barrier gate

If you only need to keep vehicles from entering your property, a barrier gate may suffice. It clears the snow nicely, and costs less than other gates. We can make a double gate, as shown above,
or a single leaf for a smaller opening.
These gates work well for properties up north that are only visited once in a while. They let people know that your drive is private property.
Barrier gates are relatively simple to install and can take the abuse of harsh winters.


4. Agricultural Gates

Lightweight and durable, this gate is designed to match a three-rail horse fence. It’s easy to handle and doesn’t overstrain the mounting post. Painted first with epoxy primer and coated with enamel in the color of your choice, an aluminum gate is worth the extra cost.


5. Diamond dependability

The diamond bracing design of this gate gives the gate great structural integrity. Our logo medallion subtly conveys the message: dependability.



2. Entrance Gates

These gates really make a statement.
Both were designed to embody the owners’ vision of their “estate.”
The left photo shows two gates guarding the entrance and exit to a community at the edge of a prairie. Because of the location, the owner had in mind a “nodding grass” motif. The most difficult task was not creating leaves of grass, but finding just the right “antique bronze” color.


2A. Imitating nature is not easy.
Most gates serving such purposes are power operated. Choose among such options as a
key pad, remote controls, automatic free exit, telephone entry and more


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