Flagpoles and Flags

We manufacture unique welded, tapered, aluminum flagpoles, topped by a 6" cast aluminum ball. These flagpoles rest on a stanchion set deep in the ground, so you can lift the pole off to change flags and even take the pole with you if you move.
The stanchion is a heavy-duty base that is 6' long – 4' goes into the ground and 2' is above ground. This design is easy to set plumb for an erect flagpole, and the stanchion will not get clogged with dirt over time.


The stanchion reinforces the flagpole at a critical bending point,1 foot above the ground. Expensive aluminum isn’t buried, since the flagpole itself is all above ground.
Our unique sectioned mast design permits use of heavier-walled aluminum toward the bottom, where the stress is greatest. Instead of concrete anchoring, a system of drive anchors (like tree roots) can be used to install the stanchion.
The brushed satin aluminum has lasting beauty, can’t rust, and never needs paint. The flagpole comes equipped with a cast aluminum ball and halyard cleat, nylon rope, pulley and flag snaps.
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