Split Rail Fence

Split Rail Fence

This natural-looking fence consists of hand-split Western Red Cedar posts and rails, which weather to a silvery grey. Rustic split rail fences can define borders, create barriers and provide backgrounds for gardens, lawns and driveways.
Split rail fences are available in two- or three-rail styles. The rails are produced in 10' lengths.
It’s impossible to measure split cedar girth precisely. We use measurements that are more accurate than those commonly used to designate split rail sizes.
Historically, two persons randomly selected
10 rails, measured their circumference 18" from each end, then averaged these 20 measurements. To make sure that the split rail we sell you meets these standards, we verify the number of rails in a standard forklift-size bundle:
u 140-150 rails indicate a 12" circumference
u 110-120 rails indicate a 14" circumference


Three-rail split rail fence

This fence is taller than the two-rail version, so it fits in well with situations where the grass is not mowed as often or as low as on a typical lawn. Generally installed with a height of 42" to 48", the three-rail fence can hold a dog in if mesh is added.

Split rail with mesh

A vinyl-coated mesh converts a split rail fence into a barrier which is usually sufficient to contain small dogs and children. Though strong, the fabric is not very visible, so the fence retains its rustic character.




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