QualBoard Fence

QualBoard fence with capboard

Sometimes this is called the “good neighbor” fence because both sides look the same. When looking at an angle you will see some air space, depending on how much the boards overlap.
Wood fences provide complete or partial privacy depending on the boards’ width as well as the amount of space between boards . Our boards are thicker and wider than commonly used,
creating a true sense of privacy. For example, a 1" gap between 8" boards gives more privacy than a 1" gap between 6"-wide boards.
Because we custom build wood fences on site, we can usually follow the flow of your terrain. This method eliminates the need to step sections, which is the norm when installing factory-built fences.
Any fence that blocks a view also blocks the wind. It may seem surprising that a fence that provides 87% screening bears a 100% wind load, yet 50% screening creates an 87% wind load – not that much less! So your choice of the gap width won’t affect the wind load very much.


Qual Board with plateau top

The small, rounded cut at the corners of each board (see Picket Top diagram)
softens the fence line and allows it to flow on uneven terrain. Eliminating the cap board reduces costs and results in a more open feeling. Steel posts are concealed here by an additional board.





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