Picket Fence


Fancy Square Gothic picket

What could be more American? A picket fence says “home:” tradition, safety and classic beauty. The “squared- off” top of this Fancy Gothic picket is less forbidding than a sharply
pointed picket.


Square Gothic picket

The contemporary look of this fence is achieved with a streamlined picket style, a 3" gap between 4" wide boards, and exposed steel posts. These three features also make a very affordable fence. (Note - the posts can’t be seen from the outside of the fence.)



Post covers and caps

Under each square cedar post cover is a heart of steel, making this custom fence durable and strong. We craft the covers with unique joinery from the same wood as your fence. Decorative caps can emphasize gates and corners or enhance every post, as above.
The simple trellis topping the gate makes the gate more inviting and strengthens the
gate posts.


Custom picket fence

Since we cut the tops of our pickets for each job, we can make a design, such as this scalloped effect, to create a fence that is interesting and unique.

See Picket Top diagram.




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