Custom Wood Fence / Arbors & Pergolas

Custom Built for You

Do you want a very special, unique fence? We can build it for you. The only limit is your budget.
Many forces work against your fence: sun, rain, snow, frost, moving ground, wind, animals, vandals, even salt spray. Any fence that doesn’t stand straight and true in the face of these
attacks will not look good regardless of how fancy it was.


So in designing custom fences, we stick to our principle that a fence must be built to last. We can conceal the strength, but not sacrifice it to “looks.” Even though you can’t see them, steel posts provide the structure in all of our fences, including those on this page and the next.



Curving this arbor to match the patio made the entrance to this garden very inviting.



The above pergola and curved arbor have two things in common: both were built using our steel post design, and they were built to meet the specific design needs of our customer.


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