Wood Fence

Wood fences are our specialty. They have a natural beauty, and can be built in a wide variety of styles. If you like the weathered grey look, you will also have a maintenance-free fence. Staining or finishing to maintain the warm cedar look, or to alter the original color is optional, but not necessary, to prolong the life of your fence.

Almost all of our wood fences are built with WESTERN RED CEDAR from British Columbia, Oregon, Idaho and Washington State. We purchase the thickest and best boards, so that your fence will last 20 to 30 years. Cedar requires no upkeep and contains its own "ingredients" to prevent deterioration. Its cell structure is "closed" and naturally repels water. This is why cedar is much more stable than treated wood, which requires an "open" cell  structure that accepts chemicals--hence it also accepts rain.


 Wood fence, steel posts

We haven’t built residential fences with wood posts for decades. We’ve convinced industry leaders - and our customers – that this is the best way to guarantee strength and endurance. Steel posts do not crack, warp or rot, and are unaffected by string trimmers.
We offer cedar covers, designed and built by our craftsmen, as an enhancement to conceal the steel posts.

All wood fences are custom-built on your property to fit the terrain. You can choose from a variety of standard styles including Center Board, Picket, QualBoard, Tom Sawyer, or your own Custom design. Within those styles you can choose from various board tops, grades of wood, and degree of openness.

download Download a PDF file that describes our Steel Posts.


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