Vinyl Fences

If you want a white fence but don’t like to paint, perhaps a vinyl/plastic fence is the choice for you.
The technology of this industry is constantly improving, and you can be confident that this fence will be beautiful for a long time.
Some plastic fence materials are hollow, some solid plastic. A third type combines a plastic covering with another material, such as wood or metal, for greater strength. Two popular types of plastic used in fencing are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene. Each has distinguishing characteristics. Some plastic fence products are available in special colors.
The Board Cross fence shown below is a traditional style with a rural look. This is a nice choice for differentiating residential property from its surroundings.


White picket fence

An American icon, the white picket fence suggests a peaceful, happy home. The very traditional fence shown above is constructed with modern materials: steel posts, plastic-coated wood horizontal rails, and solid plastic pickets.
As you can see, the three components go together very well.

PVC styling

Ready-made fences come in many different styles, with new offerings every year. You can blend privacy fencing with more open design, as seen above. This hollow plastic fence is made stronger by lining the rails with steel. Each white plastic post conceals a steel post, driven deep.







Vinyl Center Board FenceCenter Board Fence Board Cross FenceBoard Cross Fence White Picket FenceQualBoard Fence Center Board with LatticeTom Sawyer Fence
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