Ornamental Metal Fence

Ornamental Metal Fence

A modern product simulating the old wrought iron of a bygone era, this fence is the ultimate in classic appearance, strength and security. Contemporary manufacturing methods make these fences affordable, durable and low in maintenance. Modern coating is bonded to
aluminum or galvanized steel, reducing or eliminating the likelihood of rust.

Many antique styles are duplicated nowadays, so you can have an old-fashioned fence that satisfies current-day expectations. Colors generally available include traditional black as well as white and brown. Custom colors may be available.


Swimming pool fence

With a traditional look around a swimming pool, this ornamental fence is simple, elegant and functional, giving you peace of mind.

Why not white?

In the old days, white iron fences were seldom practical because the rust showed through.
Today’s coatings and metals alleviate that
problem. So you can enjoy the elegance of
a white ornamental fence without worry.



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