Chain Link Fence

Residential chain link

Chain link provides affordable security and durability. Because of its popularity, components are available in many weights, thicknesses and coatings.
(Ask us what’s special about our “Qual Link” fence!)


Topless chain link

The most visible part of a chain link fence is the top rail. By using other forms of bracing, and top and bottom tension wires to keep the fence taut, we can eliminate the top rail. The result is a less obtrusive fence that saves you money.

More materials and labor are required at all ends, corners and gates. Therefore, this style is economically feasible primarily for fence runs of 100' or more.



Vinyl-coated chain link

A softer approach to chain link fencing, vinyl-coated fence provides security and blends into the landscape better than standard steel chain link. Vinyl coating is somewhat more delicate and flexible than steel and adds some cost for materials and labor.


Commercial chain link

The primary purpose of commercial chain link fence is to protect your property from intrusion and theft.
The easiest way to get from one side to the other of a chain link fence is to go under it. We stiffen this area with a very taut hi-tensile wire which is extremely resistant to cutting.
In the eyes of your insurance company and the courts, a 7' height is considered maximum security. This can be achieved with chain link only or by topping 6' high chain link fabric with three strands of barbed wire.
Galvanized coating on chain link, usually applied after the fabric is woven, leaves a rough surface. When the fence is stretched, the link joints, which have adhered to each other in the coating process , often break apart, leaving dangerous sharp edges.
Galvanized chain link is not allowed by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation along highways, or by the Madison Parks Department. Our standard commercial chain link is aluminum-coated, smooth and long-lasting.



Screening with chain link

Privacy is not cheap. Adding screening to your chain link fence radically increases wind load. The fence structure must be designed to withstand this extra force.
Privacy can be achieved with plastic, aluminum or wooden slats. This approach seldom provides
100% screening, but slats can mask an unwanted view. Various colors and slat designs are available.
Another type of screening material is woven fabric, available in several degrees of opacity and a selection of colors. We sandwich this fabric between your chain link fence and several strands of smooth hi-tensile wire, reducing the effects of wind and weather.



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