A 100-foot flagpole!

Posted by QL Admin
on 02 December 2015

So this guy wanted the biggest, tallest flagpole in the area, with the largest flag.  And then he wanted it on top of that hill, of course. 

That hill was there because it ws solid rock.  Okay, we can do that.  The hole was 10’ deep and 5’ in diameter.  That requires the whole nine yards of concrete.  No problem.  The pole was 110’ long and weighed 4,300 pounds


Such a tall flagpole requires a huge flag, in this case 30’ x 60’.  It’s so big that when we took the neatly folded flag out of the box, it filled the back of a pickup truck.   Imagine how the wind whips that piece of fabric! But the flagpole, installed in 2008, is still standing straight and true.


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